We finally got some!

Well today was the day we finally got some REAL snow here in Bydgoszcz! We have been told since the day we took this job here that there was going to be LOTS of snow here. Well we have had a bit here and a bit there but not enough to shovel. Today was our lucky day we finally got enough over night that my 7 minute commute to take the girls to school was a 25 minute commute and it stayed around so the girls could have fun playing in it after school!

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4 thoughts on “We finally got some!

  1. Happy Friday via the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

  2. I got a chance to visit Poland 11 years ago. I loved it, but not so sure about living there.

    • Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed your stay.

      We lived in Holland before here for 6 years and visited Poland a few times on holiday and fell in love wit the people. So when found this job opportunity we jumped at it. I can promise you if you ever make it back to Poland you will see how much has changed. I got to remember they just ended Communism 20 years ago so it takes awhile to grow and I can tell you it has.

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