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Polish Army Liberation Field Trip

Yes, the hat is just a bit big for me mom!

On Friday the two youngest girls and I went on a school field trip.  This field trip wasn’t just as simple as going to the local zoo or apple orchard.  This field trip we went to a Polish Army training base and learned out about how they train and what kind of equipment they use along with 700+ other kids.  This I would have to say this was IS the coolest field trip that I have been on in the 13 years I have had kids in school.

The local news station TVP-Bydgoszcz was there as well, doing a segment for the nightly news.  Yes, it is in Polish but a few seconds of it is in English because I  got interviewed and my Polish language skills is not up to a conversation level yet.  Click HERE to see the clip.

Below are just a FEW of the pictures that I took of the trip.

So what is the best field trip that you have gone on with your kids?

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Palace Ostromecko

Isn't the view of Palace Ostromecko beautiful?

Few weeks ago my husband and I had to attend a social for his work.  Let me tell you it was rough having to put on a nice dress, do my hair, eat someone else’s cooking and finally meeting a few of my  husband’s work buddies.  But the best part was where this social was held at.  It was held in one of the oldest buildings in this area, Palace Ostrecko, which is just outside of Bydgoszcz about 3 kilometers.

This is my first palace in Poland that I have been to and it did not disappoint me!  As you can see by the pictures below that place is AMAZING!  We were told by several people that we needed to go there and now I can see why.

The palace was built in 1832-1848.  Over the years many rooms where added to it by different owners.  There are actually 2 palaces on this location along with a magnificent park with lots of greenery.  Throughout time Polish freedom fighters, Napoleon’s Army and the Prussion Army have all used the main palace at one time or another.  Today it is owned by the city of Bydgoszcz.  During the spring and summer is hosts music concerts, open-air events, exhibitions and many other activities.  The palace also has a restaurant and 22 hotel rooms.

I can’t wait until the weather gets better so we can what it looks like when everything is green!

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Wordless Wednesday (#2)

Well it’s Wednesday and that means little or no words from me!  So here is how we spent the last week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what fun family thing did you do this past week?

Want to join my Wordless Wednesday? Add your blog to the list and/or click some and see what others people are up too!

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Guess who is 100 today?

It is hard to believe that Girl Scouts is 100 years young today!!!

I hate to date myself but I have been a member of Girl Scouts now for 31 years!! My mother started me when I was in 1st grade (back in those days there wasn’t Daisy scouts yet).  Over the years I was truly blessed to have such a GREAT mom because she was always one of the first ones to volunteer for many of the volunteer positions in Girl Scouts.  She was a troop leader, a Neighborhood Committee Chair and a Camp director which made my experience in Girl Scouts so much more fun.  I stayed in Girls Scouts all the way until I graduated from high school.  While many girls quit Girl Scouts when they get to high school, to me that is when the fun really started!  I was President of the high school aged Girl Scouts advisory committee for our council, I was 1 of 40 girls selected to participate in an International Girl Scout 3 week canoeing camp in northern Canada, and earned the highest award in Girl Scouts, the Gold Award.   For a graduation present from my now mother-in-law I was a given a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts which I am really thankful for!  Because before I even had any daughters I was a troop co-leader, day camp director and President of an Overseas Committee when we lived in Panama.  Now that I have 2 daughters who are in Girl Scouts and 1 more joining next year I am still volunteering as a troop leader, activities coordinator, Gold Award committee member and for the last 5 years before we moved here to Poland, I was the Oversees Committee in the Netherlands/Belgium area.   My husband over the years has volunteered to with Girl Scouts as Cookie Dad for more years than I care to say!

People ask me why am I so outgoing, kind hearted, giving and love to volunteer?  My answer is because this is the way I was brought up which because of the example my mother set for me and ethics instilled in me from the last 31 years of being a Girl Scout!

So “THANK YOU” Juliette Lowe for starting Girl Scouts 100 years ago today!

For more information about Girl Scouts click here.

For more information about Girl Scouts here in Europe that my girls participate in click here.

Here are some pictures of what my girls and I have done with Girl Scouts while living here in Europe.

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Yes, I get homesick for North Dakota!

Well today the weather was absolutely amazing to go for a walk with the 2 little one’s so the oldest could do some homework Youtube time in piece and quiet.   At the end of our block is one of Bydgoszcz’s famous canals.   Every time I either drive or walk by it, I get a bit homesick for North Dakota.  The mallard’s bring back some great childhood memories with my dad, grandpa and my uncle Dave and their love for hunting these ducks and the fun family weekends hunting together.  But then I also remember the nasty smell of cleaning them which is not so great!

So what is your fondest memory of doing things with your family?

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Want to go for a walk?

So yesterday I had to drop off my oldest daughter at our church for our youth seminary program.  My two youngest are out of school for 2 weeks for winter break, so instead of hanging out at the church we went for nice hour walk.  Well here are a few pictures of what it looks like within 2 blocks of our church in downtown Bydgoszcz.

Now can you all see why I am falling in love with

Bydgoszcz, Poland?

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We finally got some!

Well today was the day we finally got some REAL snow here in Bydgoszcz! We have been told since the day we took this job here that there was going to be LOTS of snow here. Well we have had a bit here and a bit there but not enough to shovel. Today was our lucky day we finally got enough over night that my 7 minute commute to take the girls to school was a 25 minute commute and it stayed around so the girls could have fun playing in it after school!

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