About me..

I am just an average American who just happened to move to Bydgoszcz, Poland.  I have been married to a guy named Jim for the last 20 years who has moved us to 5 different countries in 9 different houses.  In November my husband retired from US Air Force and got a new job that brought us to here.  I have been blessed with 4 kiddos between the ages of 4 and 19.

  • living in a foreign country that speaks very little English and I speak no Polish,
  • doing a home based education to a high school student,
  • having a 19 year old son going to university in a different country,
  • loving to bake and cook but having no real access to my American groceries anymore,
  • loving to travel,
  •  trying to keep up with 2 little kids
  •  trying to keep up with my husband who travels because of his job



17 thoughts on “About me..

  1. Rafał

    Welcome to Bydgoszcz! Have a nice stay!

    • Rafel,

      So far I am enjoying it here! One question, what is your favorite restaurant to eat at?

      • Rafał


        I have a three places where I like to eat at (besides my mother’s house, of course 🙂 ).

        1) My favorite restaurant is Baalbek at Magdziński str. (ul. Magdzińskiego 1b) with its “Szysz-tauk z serem” (chicken, rice or fries, tomato, cheese, salad, and garlic sauce, all in Turkish style – I really love it and it is cheap, too – about USD 7,00). There are also Baalbek restaurants at other locations (Focus, Galeria Pomorska), but this one is the best.

        2) I’m also a big fan of a steak with garlic sauce at Zbyszko (see in Google: ‘Karczma Zbyszko, Prądocin’). Of course, you need to reserve one-day-after to not meet in person with anyone (because of the strong smell of garlic 🙂 ), but I think it’s a quite small price to pay for really amazing dish.

        3) And my third favorite meal is a Vietnamese five flavor chicken at the restaurant at Chocimska street. The restaurant itself looks like a garage or a third-world barrack and (additionally) the neighborhood is not good but the food is pretty fantastic and very cheap. I’ve ate probably about 500 chickens there (sorry, chickens!), because I was working nearby a few years ago and it was a prime lunch location for me and my work colleagues.

        You can also try some ‘trendy/fancy’ restaurants like Sowa (ul. Mostowa 4), Słoneczny Młyn ( or Bohema (, but I have never eaten at these restaurants (I’m allergic to pretentious waiters and overpriced drinks, but probably you can easily communicate in English with the stuff).

        And when it comes to beer, I propose to take the bus #80 (southbound) to the airport, and 2,5 hours later you can drink the best beer in the world, for example a London Pride in London or Guiness in Dublin. Highly recommended!

        Sorry for my English, I did my best 🙂


      • Rafel,

        we have never eaten at some of the other Baalbek location but not the main so we have been told to eat there by others so I guess I will have to try it out. We haven’t heard of the other places but they are on our to-do list now!!

        AND your english is GREAT!!!


      • Dave H.

        If and when you get to Devils Lake, I would suggest Herrmann’s fine dining. If not that, then I guess it would be Micky Dee,s. Just kidding. Am enjoying your blog. I’m sure it takes a little work.

      • I will take Herrmann’s fine dining anytime! We have Mickey Dee’s over here so it is nothing new. So when you coming to visit?

  2. I’m glad to find your blog. I think we have a lot in common. My husband is retired Air Force and we’re in Poznan. Let me know if you’re in POZ sometime; I’d love to get together.

  3. I’m an American college student who recently lived in Podkowa Lesna (near Warszawa) for 10 months, teaching English and working at a preschool, and I had a great time. I miss it a lot. Enjoy Bydgoszcz, and remember, the winter won’t last forever! It will just make spring and summer that much more beautiful.

  4. Kristina Williams

    Hi! We currently live in the NL and love to travel. I would love to hear more about exciting destinations in Poland. I think I will wait for warmer weather though 🙂

    • Well if you were here yesterday it was almost short weather but then when I woke up this morning it was snowing but now it is completely melted. So if you want till May or later it will be much better. We are going back to NL in April for a visit and can’t wait!!!!

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  6. Kim McKinney

    I am also a military wife….hubby just retired from US Army. Moved stateside in Sept from Germany. We have spent most of our 24 years in Europe and wish to go back. Searching daily for openings anywhere in Europe. You are living our dream! If you know of any leads or could give us any advise on the job front would greatly appreciate!

    Keep enjoying that lovely place!

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